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5 Benefits of Regular Exercise After WLS

Getting into the flow of things after weight loss surgery can take some time. But it is necessary that you learn to fall into a healthier routine almost immediately in order to keep your body functioning.

While dieting and getting the right nutrients after Bariatric surgery is important, exercise is essential to achieve and maintain your ideal weight. Here are a few quick benefits of regular exercise after WLS you should know:

Exercise After WLS

An exercise that requires more oxygen (walking, jogging, swimming, dancing, biking) helps reduce blood pressure and improves blood circulation, which reduces the risk of strokes and heart attacks.

Exercise After WLS

Regular exercise reduces stress, anxiety and even phobias and panic attacks. Exercise is used as a support in the treatment of depression.

Exercise After WLS

In the muscles, not only increases the oxygenation, strength, tone, and volume, but also favors the flexibility, and the strength of the tendons and ligaments.

Exercise After WLS

The flow of the oxygen to the brain increases, so the capacity of learning concentration, memory, and alertness can improve significantly.

Studies have found that physical activities in families improves self-esteem and avoids future children to adopt unhealthy behaviors such as smoking, drinking or suffering eating disorders.

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