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The Truth About Dating After Weight Loss Surgery

Dear Bria shares her post-op dating experience

Vertical Gastric Sleeve patient and YouTube Dear Bria gives us an inside scoop tot he world of dating after WLS!

Hey guys!

So this video may not be for everyone….

Sharing my weight loss journey publicly has not been an easy task, however the positive response I’ve had from so many of you has really been super humbling and awesome to recieve! I’ve been able to relate and connect with so many of you about this process and I’m so excited to continue forward sharing new experiences with you as we celebrate becoming healthier versions of ourselves together! Surgery or not, we are moving in the right direction with every small step taking to achieve our goals for a better and healthier life Amen?!

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1 thought on “The Truth About Dating After Weight Loss Surgery”

  1. My first date after having my surgery I was so nervous but my date was super nice. It felt weird to get compliments on my body but I can get use to it,,, Nice that you guys shared this video I can totally relate to you Bria!

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