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    It is feasible to penetrate the wreck by way of the big cargo hold entrances on the primary deck. However, there’s very little to be seen of curiosity that can’t be seen from the surface; just some bags of coal.

    After joining the War effort – and a full overhaul – in July 1941 ‘The Rosie’ set sail for Alexandria laden with 4680 tons of coal. A collision in the Suez Canal meant that she was unable to cross through, and was directed to ‘Safe Anchorage H’ till the best way was cleared. On fifth October 1941, German Intelligence had reviews of the Queen Mary being sighted in this area, and dispatched 2 Heinkel HE111’s on a search and destroy mission. The Queen Mary was never found, however the merchant ship ‘SS Thistlegorm’ was, and was bombed and sunk on October sixth.

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    And the lower degree is very silty and this may be very hazardous at such depths. The Kingston also lies in part of the Red Sea where dolphin sightings are moderately common. While you’ve a powerful chance of seeing them from the surface, to come across them on a dive, while not unprecedented, requires luck to be in your aspect.

    For extra information in your diving choices, and all the other journey info you may need to go to Hurghada and Egypt, view our Red Sea liveaboard or Hurghada day trips sections. When ending your dive you’ll be well suggested to deploy a surface marker buoy and watch out for the zodiacs and daytrips boats whizzing round selecting up their punters.

      We see more turtles in Abu Dabab in winter but more dolphins in Shaab Samadai in early summer time. Torombi Garden – A small lagoon just south of the principle bay has become a recent favorite with visitors. Zoom out to see the places of Sha’ab Samadai and the wreck of the Hamada. Built in Glasgow in 1910, this 108.2m long vessel began life carrying cargo around Europe, earlier than being re-registered in China in 1931. In 1938 the Rosalie Moller was requisitioned by the Royal Navy, transporting ‘Best Welsh Coal’ to quite a lot of UK Naval Ports.

      The explosion from the Thistlegorm was so huge, that it lit up the night sky, exposing ‘Rosie’ in Anchorage H. 48hrs in a while 7th October, the same destiny was delivered to Rosalie Moller.

      Winter temperatures throughout January and February are nonetheless comfy within the range of 22°C. Egypt experiences an arid local weather which permits diving throughout the year whatever the season. The Carnatic, originally carrying wine, gold and cotton to India, sunk in 1869 and is likely one of the oldest wrecks in the Red Sea. Originally predominantly a highly acclaimed diving location in the Eighties, the vacation spot has since become extraordinarily popular with every kind of tourists and plenty of vacation packages are actually obtainable.

      Try one of our featured destinations from DIVE’s journey partners. Little Brother, around 500m from its associate, is commonly residence to schooling hammerheads, thresher sharks and oceanic whitetips, together with an equally spectacular array of coral formations. Complete beach dive web site reports of Los Angeles, Orange & San Diego. Whether you choose to spend most of your holiday above or under the water line, you’ll not be disenchanted. Hurghada has heat waters all year round, with temperatures in the range of 28°C in September, simply after the summer (May – August).
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