Always Take Your Vitamins After Weight Loss Surgery

Matt from Fighting 400 shares his vitamin story

Vitamins and supplements become a permanent part of your lifestyle after having Bariatric surgery. Your Bariatric vitamins and supplements are like an army of essential nutrients that help you reach your weight loss goal. Your vitamins also help to keep your new body in the best condition possible.

But finding the right vitamins after weight loss surgery can be tough. This is mainly due to the fact that your body no longer absorbs nutrients the way it used to. Many post-op patients struggle with keeping their vitamins down, especially the chewable. Also, most Bariatric vitamins don’t taste so great, and if they do they are packed with sugar and artificial ingredients.

Bariatric vitamins come in a variety of forms, from chewable pills to melting tablets to skin patches – there is something for everyone! It will take some trial and error, but with time you will eventually find the right type of Bariatric vitamins for you.

Luckily for us,  Matt from Fighting400 on YouTube was kind enough to share his vitamin journey with us!

Keep up with Matt and his WLS journey on his YouTube page and on Instagram @fighting400

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