What They Didn’t Tell Me Before I Had WLS

YouTuber D's Journey tells us some surprise affects

Story Highlights

  • You get a lot of gas
  • You may sweat vitamin juice
  • You will experience weight loss stalls

Your body is already going through a big change, and after you have Bariatric surgery, there are a few things you just can’t control. Sure, you can make sure that you exercise, take your vitamins and eat healthier meals.


Weight loss surgery is a life-changing procedure that improves the health of many people. However, it also comes with some not-so-fun side effects you may not know about!

YouTuber and post-op patient D’s Journey warns us about some unexpected surprises she experienced after her Gastric Bypass surgery!

Before I Had WLS

Keep up with D and her WLS journey on her YouTube, Instagram and SnapChat @dsjourney

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